Friday, September 14, 2012

varsovia (bits & pieces - part 5)

 Poland seen from the airplane.
Teatr Wielki - The National Theatre in Warsaw
Ratusz - Warsaw's City Hall
You can not be on diet when you come to visit my mother - she's a real master in making cakes...
...and cooking as weel. Here she's preparing "kopytka", similar to gnocchi.
Oh, yes. One more cake. She made a different cake for each day we were in Warsaw!
Flowers in my parent's garden.
You and me we're meant to be...
Gucci - my dog.
You're football fan - you can enter.
Watching my team (Legia Warszawa) almost loosing the game...
...and scoring three goals in last 10 minutes!!!
We flought with Boniek - polish football star.
My new running shoes I bought in Warsaw. I decided to prepare myself for a marathone in 2014.
Brabol visited Poland with me.
I did some shopping in Inglot.
Warsaw's Old Town
Gofry - my beau favourites when strolling in Warsaw.
Street Art.
Warsaw's Old Town.
Breakfest at Krokodyl.
My best friends weddin. We know each other since we were in our mums belly!
See you soon Warsaw!