Wednesday, April 25, 2012


1.relaxing in Villa Borghese (wearing VJ-Style ring, NicWave pants, MarketHQ backpack)

2. The village near the seaside - it looked like a film set, so old fashioned. 

3. Don't worry - I wasn't taking part in a marathon. Or, actually, I did - a marathon of eating
(there was an event organized to celebrate Earth's Day, 
10km walk with restaurant station every kilometer) 

4. I got obsessed with these shoes - so comfy and so classy (from

5. Just another boring day at work ;)

6. Just another boring day at work 2 - meeting Iris Van Herpen. 
I was shocked how sweet and down to earth she is!

7. Living in Rome is a constant treasure finding - here's a stunning yard in the center. I was passing by this building without knowing the beauty it hides inside.