Heels can save your life!

My Lovely Ladies... I know that we should behave gracefully in public, we shouldn't sweare, get mad or hysteric...we're Ladies for god's sake. But when you spend two long hours in a public office waiting for your turn, when there are only two persons before you in the line and the f.... guy goes to the bathroom every 10 minutes, drinks coffee and chats with colleagues instead of getting to work and resolve your problems, you get more than crossed. And then when he talks to you like you were half an idiot, only to feel more powerfull and gain some self esteem which he is soooo lacking, you want to destroy him. At least I did today trying to get some documents from italian tax office. I know it's not only italian problem, the clerkc are like that in every corner of the world.
Few days ago I saw this frase on ffffound.com and thinking about it saved me (and this poor guy in ufficcio delle entrate). So, Ladies, it's not realy a fashion post, but it was fashion, that saved my day :)

My Lovely Ladies ... So che in pubblico ci si deve comportare con grazia, non bestemmiare, arrabbiarsi o diventare isterici... siamo Dame per amor di dio. Ma quando si trascorre due ore in un ufficio pubblico aspettando il tuo turno, quando ci sono solo due persone prima di te in linea e quel c... di  ragazzo (l'impiegato) va in bagno ogni 10 minuti, beve il caffè e chiacchiera con colceghi invece di mettersi al lavoro e risolvere i tuoi problemi, è ovvio che ti arrabbi. E poi quando parla con te come se fossi un idiota solo per sentirsi più potente e guadagnare un po' di autostima, lo vuoi distruggere. Almeno io oggi lo volevo fare, mentre cercavo di ottenere alcuni documenti dall'Agenzia delle Entrate. Non è problema solo d'Italia, gli impiegati sono così in ogni angolo del mondo.
Qualche giorno fa ho visto questa frase su ffffound.com e pensarci mi ha salvato (e questo povero ragazzo in Agenzia delle Entrate). Quindi, Signore, non è proprio un post di moda, ma era Moda, che ha salvato il mio giorno :)


  1. LMAO! That quote is so wrong but true! :) Sorry you had to wait so long - I know how that feels.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  2. davvero simpatica :)
    passa anche dal mio blog ci conto ;)

  3. soooooo wrong but sooooooo true :)))

    love your blog :D

    have a nice weekend

  4. hahahahaahhahahaha....:D

    follow you on bloglovin'...

  5. haha, sooo funny!

    -heading to Rome in August, I heard its super hot, and all the Italians will be on holiday at the beach. But I'm still super excited, I've never been to Italy before!!

    besos, Carlina

  6. yeees...it's hot hot period in rome, and since in august most of the companies are closed for holiday, romans will be on holiday some place near the seaside :)) i can't wait to escape from the city :P

    (follow your blog on bloglovin' :))

  7. hahaha i totally love this!and goodness that pic is amazinggg and hilarious, i really liked your blog !!!
    pretty cool!
    Sincerely, Martha :)

  8. haha I totally agree..rude people are an international problem!! Hilairous photo..made my day!


  9. oh my goodness, I think I just died laughing when I saw the quote lol.

  10. Nice blog:).....
    very funny:))
    thats true :X:X:X:X:

  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! This is the BEST line I've heard all year!!! Brilliant.

    ♥ V


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